The Story of a Photographer

I like to laugh, I think I'm laid-back (but I'm actually Type A), I'm mostly Country with a little bit of Rock'n'Roll. I grew up in a small NC town and moved to LA to find out what else life had to offer. I worked as a Magazine editor in Country music in LA and then moved to Nashville and worked in the Music Video Industry. I've moved around a bit, then got married and I began staying at home with my 2 children. I needed that creative outlet so I started taking pictures and here I am. I love to shoot children, couples, seniors and families. I also shoot engagement pictures, I just do not shoot weddings, birthdays, parties, work events, etc. I will be happy to refer you to other great photographers in the area who may specialize in what you are after. I only accept a limited number of bookings per month so please let me know asap if you are interested in securing a date.

My work is more whimsical and not very straight-laced posed images. I like capturing the in-between moments, the real moments. I work with natural light which means outside. I will come to a shoot with a lot of ideas in mind but most times that will fly out the window because part of capturing real images means letting you and your family be real and have fun. I shoot quick because I want you to have fun - that is truly what makes the pictures awesome. Since I prefer to shoot outside, I usually shoot early or late afternoon, it is just the best light. If you have any ideas for your photo session PLEASE let me know, I love ideas and welcome them, if not don't you worry because I have you covered.

I live at Lake Tillery, NC and will travel anywhere within 30 minutes for no additional cost. If you live outside this area and would like me to travel to your home please inquire about the additional travel fee. Shoots usually last between 45 minutes to one hour. I find that you will lose the interest of a child after that- in fact probably adults too.  

What to wear, what to wear.... and then what's next.

Wear whatever you are comfortable in. If you aren’t comfortable or feeling fabulous in what you are wearing it will show. For families you don’t need to all have on white shirts and khaki pants, in fact please don’t. Let your clothes complement each other. If dad wants to wear a plaid shirt I would suggest mom doesn’t wear stripes. I love muted colors when we are shooting in the country/fields. Kids should be in clothes that tell their story. If they are loud- loud colors are great, if they like to dress up as a princess then tiaras are more than welcome. ACCESSORIES, ACCESSORIES, ACCESSORIES- did I say accessories? They can make or break a picture. Hats, scarves, headbands are better than big bows in the hair. By adding a blazer, hat or fun scarf it can make the picture look more complete and you can lose the layers toward the end of the shoot for a completely different look. If you want vintage then think muted colors, lace and flowers. For babies I just love super simple white. If you want to bring a change of clothes then by all means do so and if you would like any suggestions I will be more than happy to consult. Basically if you want to dress like you are going to the Oscars then rock it! If you are more comfortable in jeans then bring it!

Within two weeks of your session an online gallery will be available to you. Your images are captured in a raw color format. After our shoot, I handpick the final images from the session and work with each selection to bring it to its full potential. These final images are then presented to you in a private gallery. Depending on your session there will be between 20-30 portrait choices. I will email you a password that you can share with anyone of your choosing and you will be able to download your pictures from there in high resolution. Galleries will remain online for 14 days; I have alot of extra products that can be ordered in that time including cards. There will be a charge to re-upload your pictures if your order is not placed in the first 14 days.  

All images are protected by copyright laws and property of Lori Davis Photography which may be used for advertising, website or other marketing purposes. They may not be reproduced in any manner without written permission from Lori Davis Photography.